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Buddhist stupas

handmade tibetan stupas

The Buddhist stupa represents the pure perfection of the mind, a symbol of peace and tranquility. The stupa is filled with sacred mantras, blessed items, mandalas, precious stones and other sacred relics. After placing the Life Tree and all the relics inside the stupa, the stupa activates and radiates with its own energy.

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We produce the stupas for you with love and completely by hand so that they can become your unique helper on the path in Buddhist practice.

The shape of the stupa not only represents the deep structure of the enlightened mind, but also transmits the power of enlightenment to those who pay tribute to its presence. Since the time of Buddha, his followers have piously circumvented the stupas to evoke the blessings of the Enlightened for curing illnesses, hearing prayers, deepening consciousness, and overcoming obstacles in spiritual practice.

 Each part of the stupa symbolizes the individual steps leading to enlightenment.

Our stupas (37 cm) are suitable for indoor use.

Stupa clear the mind, helps to get rid of negative karma and ascribes merit.

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stupa finder in Europe

The shape and proportions of the stupa have rules, but you can choose what your stupa will look like.

Pure white, colored or gilded with real gold?


Choose or write to us for advice.

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