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For a stupa to be an essential part of your home, it is important that it fits into your interior. The most suitable, but also the most demanding, is the gilding of gold, which is both a sacred metal and also increases the spiritual value of the whole stupa. Another variant can be acrylic dyeing in gold shade or pure white.


It is possible to produce the stupa in another design, for example in silver-plated or colored in other colors.

Pure white stupa

Colored stupa

Gilded stupa

bila stupa
barvena stupa
zlacena stupa

The stupa painted only white is a symbol of purity. It can be all white, or a combination of a white lion's throne and a gilded or painted upper part of the stupa. The lion's throne can be decorated with colored stones made of cut glass with high brilliance.

Symbolic ornaments, snow lions and other decorations of the stupa stand out beautifully by coloring the stupa. Acrylic paint in a golden hue in combination with colorful snow lions and flowers will give the stupa a unique contrast. The lion's throne is also adorned with cut glass stones.

High-gloss gilded ornaments together with colored snow lions give the stupa the highest form of respect. Gold is a symbol of higher values and nobility, it gives a feeling of preciousness to everything it sticks to. We use three-layer pure 24 carat gold leaf to gild the Tibetan stupas.

bila stupa 3


barvena stupa 3


zlacena stupa 3


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