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Exhibitions of 8 types of Tibetan stupas

vystavy stup

Would you like an exhibition of Buddhist stupas at your place?

Do you have a suitable space and would like to exhibit all 8 types of Buddhist stupas? Write us. The stupas are located on two separate pedestals measuring 100 x 350 cm and part of the exhibition is an information panel with more information about the exhibition and the individual stupas.


Kotva 1

There is currently no exhibition.


PRAGUE     February 2020

For the fifteenth time, supporters of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Tibet met in the center of Prague to celebrate the Losar - Tibetan New Year together.

The multicultural festival took place in the historic premises of the New Town Hall on Charles Square. The celebration offered a varied cultural program for the general public of all ages, including families with children.


All our stupas were also at the Losar celebration.


We thank the Losar organizing team for allowing us to participate in this celebration, the proceeds of which were used for the adoption of Tibetan children. Thank you .

October - November 2019

The first foreign exhibition of Buddhist stupas was in the Austrian Hüttenberg at the Tibet Center Institute.

All 8 types of stupas were exhibited here on the occasion of the teachings of the chief spiritual representative of the Gelug Jamgön Gyalwä Gyaltsab School, His Eminence 104. Ganden Tri Rinpoche Lobsang Tenzin as well as the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Gelug school by Lama Tsongkhapa.


We are grateful to the people at the Tibet Center Institute for allowing us to realize the exhibition and Mrs. Andrea for the help we could not do without. Thank you.

tibet center institute
stupy tibet center institute
tibet center institute 1
PRAGUE    April - May 2019

The first exhibition of Buddhist stupas in the capital city was part of the Festival ProTibet 2019, this time in Prague's Tibet Open House.

The authors Luboš Plch and Róbert Kekiš introduced to you the symbolism of Buddhist stupas, whose hand-made production in a reduced form came to them when they returned after a few months from traveling in Southeast Asia.

We thank MOST ProTibet and Tibet Open House for allowing us to realize the exhibition.

Thank you.

vystava tibet open house 1
vystava tibet open house 2
vystava tibet open house 3
vystava tibet open house 4
vystava tibet open house 5
vystava tibet open house 6
vystava tibet open house 7
vystava tibet open house 8
vystava tibet open house 9
chamtrul rinpoche TOH
vystava tibet open house  10
OLOMOUC    March 2019

Historically first exhibition of Buddhist stupas

with a lecture that was part of the Festival ProTibet 2019 in Olomouc.

The program was as follows:

Fri 22.3.2019, 17:30 - Opening of the exhibition

Sun 24.3.2019, 18:00 - Lecture Origin of Buddhist stupas - Luboš Plch and Róbert Kekiš told their story how they got to handmade Buddhist stupas.

We would like to thank the organization MOST ProTibet, which enabled us to realize the exhibition.

Thank you.

vystava stup olomouc 1
vystava stup olomouc 2
vystava stup olomouc 3
vystava stup olomouc 4
vystava stup olomouc 5
vystava stup olomouc 6
vystava stup olomouc 7
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